This is the round up of submissions for the December 2020 Carnival of Aros on the theme “Happily Ever After“. Thanks to everyone who submittedI appreciate your reflection and vulnerability. Here’s to a brighter 2021!

  • Gracesofluck wrote about the kinds of found family and communities they want to be a part of, their ideal living space, and how amatonormativity makes achieving this kind of future difficult. 
  • Neir wrote about how happily ever after comes in many different forms, and how part of that is in supporting others.
  • Michelle (she/her) wrote about her writing, and purposeful, single living.
  • Drivingthesehillsaway wrote about relationships, wanting to be a foster parent and have animals, and maybe using a vocal performance degree towards a career.
  • Scoop (she/her) shared a poem called Love After Love by Derek Walcott, and wrote about wanting to be more proactive.
  • Segwaysegue wrote about how there is no happily ever after, how life is in constant change, and needing to be content in the moment. 
  • Anonymous wrote about trying to get their Indian family to understand the enjoyment of not having a partner, and building a network of friends.
  • Max (fae/faer) wrote about demiromanticism, gut feelings, and ambiguity around the future.
  • I (aspec of stardust) wrote about wanting to have a strong sense of community and a small farm, and making the decision to actively work towards that.
  • CharCharChar wrote about happiness taking work, and paying attention to little joys.

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